Boost your sales with SalesSystemCRM

SalesSystemCRM has been designed to deal with a wide range of requirements for sales processes. From the initial sale to post-sale support, from managing delivery slots to packing requirements, SalesSystemCRM provides the facilities to better your customer relationships and increase profitability.

With SalesSystemCRMs workflow you can manage your sales orders out to customers for collection, dispatchment or mail out. Inventory pricing rules allow you to manage a tiered level of pricing, automate it off last sold or specify volume based pricing to improve customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Sales & Purchasing

SalesSystemCRM contains a unique dedicated sales ordering module that allows your sales representatives to multi-task SalesSystemCRM during ordering processing providing more productivity within a sales cycle. Purchasing is handled with the same control and flexibility.

Order Management

SalesSystemCRM allows your sales representatives to turn quotes to sales orders placing them up for collection, delivery or mailout fast and effectively, so any warehouse or outlet can quickly handle the customers ordering requirements.

Email Integration

With SalesSystemCRM Email Integration sales orders can be emailed to customers within a single click, providing the customer dedicated email support in line with their order progression. Email templates enable you to perform frequent actions with minimal effort.

Payment Processing

SalesSystemCRM records sales transaction data associated with payment types and with the option of dedicated credit card payment processing (through SagePay and Transaction Network Services) your sales staff can take instant payments to achieve a fast and effective sales throughput.

Traceable Order Progression

SalesSystemCRM records sales order progession, enabling you to quickly view past adjustments made by sales representatives and tracing an orders details to a previous state at a specific date and time assists in instantly solving customer disputes.

Customisable Workflow

With SalesSystemCRM's legends you can customise your workflow to your requirements, allowing you to group sales orders into your own categories for your sales representatives to manage or to manage your contact database within your own specification.