Frequently asked questions

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Who uses SalesSystemCRM?

Anyone can use SalesSystemCRM from sole traders to medium and small sized businesses. We have clients that are business to business, direct to customer or simply managing their clients billing and accounts.

What do I need to start running SalesSystemCRM?

You simply need a computer with reliable internet access and a popular web browser, for example:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows)
Mozilla Firefox 2+ (Windows / Mac / Linux)
Apple Safari (Windows / Mac / Linux)

For viewing and printing PDF Documents we recommend Adobe Reader (some browsers come with it included):

Adobe Reader (Windows / Mac / Linux).

You will be able to access your SalesSystemCRM online from wherever you require.

Is SalesSystemCRM suitable for my business?

If you sell products or services then SalesSystemCRM is ideal.

How quickly can I be up and running?

In a few minutes, please sign up for our demo system to start trading for free for the first 30-days.

Can I migrate from my existing software?

Yes, Zootle have successfully migrated businesses from a number of popular packages and would be delighted to assist in moving oyur business from your existing software package or CRM.

Can I customise SalesSystemCRM?

Yes, the majority of menus are customisable as long as you have been provided permission to do so.

How do I pay for SalesSystemCRM?

Following the expiry of your 30 day demo, you will be invoiced annually, quarterly or monthly following the expiry of your 30 day demo.

How much does it cost?

Please look at SalesSystemCRM Pricing for all the latest information.

What happens when I run out of webspace?

You will not run out of webspace, we will invoice you for any excess usage.

What happens if we can no longer provide our service?

If Zootle can no longer provide our SalesSystemCRM service online we will provide you with your data and a copy of the system for use on your own server.

How reliable is our service?

Extremely reliable, our data center has never had any downtime since we have been using it.

Can I use a single account for multiple users?

Unfortunately not and we encourage that you do not provide your access usernames and passwords anyone else. If you do, you will be logged out everytime the other user logs in. This assists us and you in recognising and tracking fradulent access your systems.

Will Zootles Staff be logging into my system?

Not without direct permission from the account holder. Have no access to the passwords you use to access your SalesSystemCRM.

I've forgotten my username/password? What do I do?

Firstly speak to your account holder of SalesSystemCRM. If you are the account holder please call our technical support line.