Keeping close relations with your clients

In today's business environment, it is more than neccessary to harness the best from your customers. With SalesSystemCRMs customer relationship management features you can focus your sales and marketing strategies directly to the right customers.

The powerful search control within SalesSystemCRM allows you to effectively target customers for your strategies to bringing in new sales or revive old business.

Contact Management

With SalesSystemCRMs contact tracking features you can easily identify customers from a wealth of conditions to ascertain the correct sales and marketing strategies for your business.

Customer Support

SalesSystemCRMs Case Management assists your sales representatives or teams to provide a high level of support to your customers allowing you to monitor response times.

Data Management

Accessibility to customer data is key to providing excellent customer service. SalesSystemCRM imports/exports customer contact data providing flexibile use in third party applications and integrated file storage keeps important documents associated with your customers accessible at any time.

Email Integration

Manage your email marketing subscriptions through SalesSystemCRM and the intergrated email features will enable you to batch email rich content personalised newsletters or simple plain emails to all or any of your customers directly at anytime.