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What is the exchange rate doing to your stock?

SalesSystemCRM already showed you the foreign exchange gain / loss on your inventory by category and supplier, so now you know by product.

Improved Inventory On Hand Analysis

New tabs in SalesSystemCRM when adding bulk products to sales / purchase orders now incorporate your re-ordering points to show you stock on hand, due for re-order, due in and out of stock, keeping your staff in the tune with the availability of your products.

International Date Formatting

SalesSystemCRM now supports dates formated in a wide variety of formats. These can be configured in the system setup.

SalesSystemCRM integrates with SagePay

SalesSystemCRM now supports credit card payment processing through SagePay. Please click here for information on Sage Pay and here for setting up with Sage Pay.

Improved Stock Management

New Units Tab in the Inventory now displays the pallet weights, quanities and pallets on hand.

Inner and Outer barcode integration

Manage inner and outer barcodes in you inventory and publish them on your pricelists.

New Layer pricing

Need over a different price on a layer of a pallet? Now you can!

New improved version control of Sales / Purchase Order

Improved version control for sales / purchase orders which now assesses modifications more accurately. This new version creates paperwork from your templates on-the-fly, producing less clutter and more productivity.

New Email Management

Send personalised HTML Email from SalesSystemCRM using email signatures setup in the Staff section. Send your quotes, invoices, purchase orders directly to your customers or suppliers.

SalesSystemCRM Calendar supports day events

Upgrades to our calendar to support input of day events and holidays.

SalesSystemCRM introduces Activity Management

New Activities module with an incorporated calendar now displays calls, tasks, meetings and events in SalesSystemCRM.

New Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is now displayed on graphs in Orders and Purchases Overview, giving a 360° view of any selected year.

Launch of Foreign Currency Sales / Purchasing

SalesSystemCRM announces support for foreign currency sales / purchase orders and displaying foreign exchange gains / losses in Transactions Overview.

SalesSystemCRM takes on a new look

We've introduced a newly designed range of icons into SalesSystemCRM.

Introduces FIFO & LIFO Cost Pricing Methods

SalesSystemCRM introduces FIFO and LIFO Inventory Cost Pricing Methods integrated on top of its existing Average Cost Pricing.

Price Sales Orders per last quotes/sold

Integrated the option to price sales orders by last quoted or sold.