Software as a Service

Business always at your fingertips

As an investment Software as a Service (commonly known as SaaS) provides numerous benifits over traditional software products. Since the internet has become one of the largest channels for businesses to market and sell their products and services, it has always made better sense to conduct the entire business alongside.

Software as a Service was born to replace the conventional model of providing over the counter software packages with a simple on-demand software that is continuely more easily monitored and upgraded to stay at the peak of its benefit to its users. Gone are the days of travelling to your local computer store and being charged exuberant prices for a software update which for various reasons you've no other option but buy!

SalesSystemCRM as a Service

  • Accessibility to your business systems from anywhere with internet access
  • Run your business through a web browser
  • Your staff can share data without any computer networking knowledge
  • Licenses are per user, as required, rather than per computer
  • Software updates are distributed faster
  • SalesSystemCRM is monitored by the developers
  • Bespoke development of software is easier
  • Reduced costs in business server hardware
  • Smaller and more optimised Infrastructure for businesses
  • Less dependance on IT professionals for maintainance
  • Accessibility to information and data in real-time
  • No requirement of complex computer networks to run businesses from multiple locations
  • Business data is always accessible from a centralised source