Keeping your inventory costs down...

SalesSystemCRM offers comprehensive multi-location inventory management for your business directly online helping you maintain an extensive advantage over your competitors. SalesSystemCRM allows you to setup a pricing scheme based on last sold to a customer, item volume, individual price bands or more. The multi-location Inventory Management allows you to be a few clicks away from launching other outlets or trading from different warehouses.

SalesSystemCRM keeps your product range linked in with its customer relationship features to provide your stock levels & current pricing, visible to your customers, suppliers and sales staff directly on your website.

Customer & Volume Pricing

With SalesSystemCRMs pricing rules you can assign customer pricing across different price bands, managing different levels for retail, wholesale and online sales. You can also specify volume pricing which can operate of pallets or bulk quantities.

Multi-location Inventory

SalesSystemCRM allows you to manage stock in multiple locations. Your sales representatives or purchasing team can choose the location that will handle the order. Reports can be generated to view information on stock on hand and stock takes in your different locations.

Supply Chain

You can keep inventory cost to a minimum with SalesSystemCRM by managing your product range through FIFO, LIFO or Average Inventory Cost Pricing Methods, shifting stock more effectively for your business.

Website Sales

The SalesSystemCRM API allows you to specify product categories, families, descriptions, units/measurements, pricing, images and much more to be instantly reflected on your website. Please see our API Documentation for more information.

Import Value Tracking

Keep a close eye on the value of your stock with an instant view of foreign exchange movements against your investments. See the daily fluctuation in value as the rates move against your imports.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor your margins and profits in realtime as sales are processed, setup re-ordering points.